We offer a wide range of services in civil construction, as a general contractor for road building projects and as both a general contractor and a subcontractor for industrial, commercial and institutional projects. Our expertise extends from Excavation to Site Preparation, which includes everything from the removal of topsoil to the placement of sewers, watermains and underground services.

We’re experienced at working with other companies on road building projects. Our team can be a major asset from beginning to end on any large or small road projects. We’ve worked with many leading companies in the industry and have done everything from excavating, dredging, earth removal to installing pipe. Metric has modern, state of the art trucks and equipment, and experienced drivers and operators capable of completing any task from site excavations, earth removal and so on, to allow you complete road rehabilitation or new road construction.


Excavation & Site Services

We specialize in excavation and onsite services.

Metric uses excavators for most jobs that involve digging trenches, excavating hillsides, stump removal, foundations, and any large hole in the ground. Our company is experienced and exceeds beyond expectations in providing services to our clients while implementing specifications required by the designated inspection authorities.

We understand soil types, and geological conditions and have the capability of making accurate job cost estimates and meeting schedules. We are sensitive to the environment and work with whatever agencies required to meet all specifications.

Excavating and site development, similar to the rest of our services, is executed by an equipment fleet of the latest generation. This includes the very latest in both GPS survey equipment and GPS automated machine control systems. Private and public developers also benefit from Metric’s ability to self-perform most of the trades, if not all, saving developers both management time and construction costs. Excavation and site development is another facet of Metric which uses its resources of management, professionalism and commitment to produce results above expectations.

As budgets constraint and clients pressure demands dollars are spent more wisely, it’s important to choose a civil construction company who delivers certainty in three critical areas: SCHEDULE, COST and QUALITY. That’s what we at Metric do!

Since 1978