Bolsover Dam Lock 37

Client: Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)

Location: Trent-Severn  Waterway, Bolsover

This project consisted of the removal and replacement of the Dam at Lock 37 on the Trent Severn Waterway (TSW), a major watercourse which is home to numerous aquatic species, birds, and species-at-risk. This demonstrates Metric’s outstanding capabilities in completing a high-profile project within an environmentally sensitive area. To carry out the works safely and under dry conditions, the scope of work included the design/build of upstream and downstream cofferdams and excavation shoring. Responsibilities also included the design and construction of a diversion system that would allow for the control of flows for maintaining upstream and downstream aquatic habitat, navigation levels, and to prevent flooding. Additionally, the scope of work involved the placement of granular material and geotextile filter fabric along the watercourse to stabilize the channel bed. After the new dam was commissioned, Metric was responsible for decommissioning of the diversion system, backfilling the diversion channel, and reinstating the area to create an open park space. The project spanned 2 years and encompassed work in winter conditions, significant dewatering efforts, and project sequencing to comply with the in-water work windows.