Quality Control


Metric’s quality management system (QMS) is founded on many years of experience and input from our employees. Metric takes pride in all its projects and has a firm belief that quality management is vital to the successful completion of any project.  It is always Metric’s aim to meet or exceed all expectations as defined by the project specifications with the successful implementation of its QMS.


Metric is committed to ensuring the proper quality control steps are being taken. This is outlined in our Quality Management System where specific tasks are assigned to the appropriate personnel. The assigned personnel are responsible for carrying out a task when deemed necessary. The QC manager oversees the program and completes random audits on various personnel to ensure proper quality control steps are being taken.


The Quality Management System is established with the focus of compliance with all relevant OPSS testing, references and specifications. Typically, a site-specific quality control plan will be created for each project, in order to meet the specified requirements.  As an extension of the QMS, Quality Plans (QPs) and Inspection and Testing Plans (ITPs) will be generated for project specific activities. These plans will address the steps necessary to ensure that the standards and expectations placed onto Metric are met or exceeded. Senior personnel (i.e. Supervisors) will be responsible for their implementation with oversight from the Project Manager. Metric’s daily “Tool Box Talks” will be used to introduce the plans to all other personnel and to promote compliance. Moreover, Metric considers these plans to be ‘living documents’; they are expected to be amended as lessons are learned and as new challenges arise.