The King Road Shuffle

Client: City of Burlington/Canadian National Railways
Location: King road
Date: October 5-8, 2012 Thanksgiving

Project Highlights:

Suspending trail traffic for an 84 hour period in order to install a pre-constructed 3 track bridge structure. 8400 m3 of excavation was completed within a 24 hour scheduled period. A crew of 45 personnel and 30 pieces of equipment supported and supplemented CN forces over the balance of the duration of the 84 hour period. The 2500 te structure was jacked into place and ancillary works completed within the 84 hour scheduled window, allowing rail traffic to open as scheduled.

Remove the rail track, excavate approximately 8,000 cubic metres (10,464 cubic yards), and build the concrete pads for the underpass bridge to slide into place as well as back-fill.

Start time was 11:59 Friday night, and it all had to be finished by 11:59 Monday night in order to handle the first roar of the early trains. The result was a very intensive 72 hours.

Consultant: Hatch Mott MacDonald