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Earl Bales Park

Client: City of Toronto
Location: Bathurst st.
Date: July 2010 – October 2011

Project Highlights:

Construction of Storm Water Management Facilities includes bulk excavation & grading pond for golf course, construction of roadways/pathways/forebays with associated features, forcemain installation including pumping station 300/250 dia HDPER DR11, water diversion channel re-alignment, in-water/tree/shrub planting other landscape restoration.

Consultant: MMM Group

Enhancement of Windermere Basin

Client: City of Hamilton
Location: Hamilton
Date: Started on May 2010 and completed on 2013

Project Highlights:

A marine project that consist on conversion of Windermere Basin into a large coastal wetland with a footprint area of 11 hectares.

Consultant: Cole Engineering Group Ltd.

Mayfield Road

Client: Region of Peel
Location: Inder heights to heart lake road
Date: 2010

Project Highlights:

Underground services including earth/peat excavation, storm water management pond, sheet piling, CPP water mains, sanitary and storm sewers.

Consultant: Stantec Consulting Ltd.

Clonmore Retaining Wall

Client: CN Rail
Location: Scarborough GO and Union Station
Date Completed: March 2008

Project Highlights:

Construct 250 meter long x 4.5 meter high “H” pile, MESA pre-cast concrete retaining wall 150 meter long x 3 meter high retaining wall for new third mainline track between Scarborough Go and Union Station. Includes design and build a temporary 120 meter long sheet pile retaining wall to support construction of the permanent work.

Consultant: UMA AECOM